How to register and take your tests

On this page we will walk you through your weekly test.

Step 1

If you have already registered please skip this step

Go to: This Link (opens in new tab so you can keep progress with this tab).

Choose a username and add your email. Make sure you add the correct email address so you can get to the next step.

Open your email and you should have a welcome email. In this email you will have a password setup link. Click on this link.

On this new page, make sure you change your password to a password you’ll remember.

Step 2

Once you are registered, please go to this link for week 1 test. If you have already taken the test you can skip it. Your first week test results are being sent to your school.

On this page click enroll (or login in and enroll).

Once you are enrolled click on expand all and then click on your week test like in the screenshot below:

Step 3

Take your test (each chapter has one test) Each chapter correspond to your week.

Step 4

For the following weeks, your tests will be added to the chapters. Follow the same steps from above.


Your tests must be submitted by Monday morning. Failing to submit the test will have penalties.

New Test:

Link to the new test:


Most of your tests are included in the glossary material that was given to you during your classes. But also from your notes during the class.

Good luck.